Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Help! Chicago Wife Fights To Free Husband Who Was Shot By Police 28 Times

By Lynette Holloway

40 years.
That is the sentence Howard Morgan (pictured) received on April 5 from Cook County Circuit Court Judge Clayton J. Crane, after the former Chicago police officer was convicted of the attempted murder of four Chicago police officers.

The paradox is that Morgan, 61, survived after receiving 28 gunshot wounds, including 21 to the back and 7 to the front, following a much-disputed encounter in 2005, where he awakened shackled to a hospital bed.

Since then, his wife, Rosalind, has worked tirelessly for his freedom as if it was her full-time job. She doesn’t mind, though, because, she says, he’s the victim. She hopes to accumulate 100,000 signatures on a Change.org petition calling for his freedom. She says she plans to present it to President Barack Obama.

“Forty years is a wrongful conviction, especially when you are innocent,” she told NewsOne. “We are reaching out to everyone to help overturn the conviction, including, the Illinois Secretary of State and the Illinois Governor.”

She said that if people ignore her husband’s plight, the nation might as well turn its back on Trayvon Martin’s case.

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